Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things you find at the flea market.

So when you go fleamarketing, you find cute stuff. And sometimes you find things that are so kitschy that it either makes you scratch your head or want to take it home.

I should've bought this Dracula head...the eyes actually light up! The things people come up with.

I keep wanting to do a post about my fleamarket finds (jewelry! belts! a hat!), but I keep forgetting and when I do remember, I'm just too tired. Like now. I finished a rubric for the students a little while ago and I still have to come up with a quiz...they haven't been doing their reading, so it's time to give them a little reinforcement. Meh.

And, oh hey! I totally forgot my birthday is next week. I thought it was two weeks away. Clearly, my internal clock is fucked up. That, and I have no time to think about anything besides thesis and school. So exciting.

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