Tuesday, September 16, 2008

El Chupacabra!

Pretty much everyone knows I have some sort of obsession with the paranormal. Why? Who knows! Maybe it's all the weird things that happened to me as a child, including the five year residence at the house in front of the cemetery. Point is, I've always been fascinated by things that seem otherworldly. I mean, hey, I'm writing my thesis on la Llorona!

One of these supernatural beings is el Chupacabra. Like it or not, he's a part of the Puerto Rican culture. Well, I'm assuming it's a he...it could be a she. Let's call it an it. But it is a part of the local folklore, be it as a comedy relief or as a serious paranormal entity.

If you dig the Chupacabras, I've found a couple of articles on Etsy that may tickle your fancy. Click on the pictures to go to the links. ;) I'm totally digging the Chupacabra badge/pin set. I need it in my life.

Cryptid lovers, enjoy!

All articles are from Etsy.com.

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