Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tempting fate?

How about outright pissing it off.

Last night, after a very full and pleasant day, I got the most insane pain in my stomach. It felt as if a crazed person was trying to jackhammer their way through my stomach. I honestly thought I'd have to be taken to the hospital.

I waited it out and managed to drive home in the morning, but just as I was getting home, I noticed a little problem...

Can you tell what the problem is?


As you can see, we had a "bit" of flooding. Props to the wonderful news media and so-called weather reporters that gave no warning of this shit. I was driving home, in pain, thinking: well, it's either drive to the hospital or stop by my house to see if mom wants to go with me, when I see that a certain part of the road has no cars running through it. Then I brake and since it's raining, my car starts sliding down the road. Wee.

So after half an hour trying to figure out how to get home, calling the cops (to notify them/harass them about the road being flooded and hence, no one could drive through), calling Damian, and calling mom, I take a sketchy back road and make it home. To continue clutching my stomach in pain.

The pain is better now, but I still have it. I have no idea what triggered it. Pocket of gas? Constipation? Indigestion? Dehydration? Gastritis? All five combined? I don't know. I just know that it sucks.

I'm going to get some rest now...

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