Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Holy Infuriated Stomach, Nocturnal Flying Echolocator Man!

Well. Stress and a crappy diet (Ice cream! Every day! For a week! GO LACTOSE INTOLERANT ME!) have finally gotten to me again. I either have gastritis or gastroenteritis (or an ulcer) all which are equally not awesome. Let me put it this way. The pain I feel after I eat something, even drinking water, is so bad that I want to reach down my throat, rip out my stomach, and fling it to a wall. And then run over it with a Hummer. Just to offend more, since I'm using a crappy American car.

I've gotten this before (rushed to the hospital once and then again: spent my entire undergrad graduation week barely eating due to pain). I have no clue why I got it again. Maybe it's eating out more? Stress? Appletinis? (Wait, no. I will not give up my Appletinis.) Must be the ice cream...anyway, I'm supposed to be eating like a rabbit this week, pretty much. No fatty foods, nothing acidic, or oily. No lactose either. So basically, I'll be chewing lettuce for a week. Sweet.

(Save me, Blind Echolocating Nocturnal Flying Mammal Man! Save me!)

And, before you comment "GET LACTAID," I've tried. Everywhere I go, people say, "Oh, we don't have those." Like today. Woo.

So anyway, I have to get a doctor's appointment as fast as possible because, hey! I took two hardcore Zantacs! And two hours later, I was about to hurl my puny stomach contents out!

I considered not going to teach tomorrow, but I only get two days off? And I have to get a substitute so...I'll just suck it up. And if I puke, I puke. Giving them freshmen memories, yep, that's me.

Wow, I'm rambling. Must be reading all these students' papers that has me boggled. AND THE MEDS, WOO.


For some reason, listening to the Music & Lyrics soundtrack is cheering me up. And since I want to scar you all (but not too extensively), here you go.


Good night.

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