Saturday, May 12, 2007

The stuff in my closet.

Dear World,

I was searching today in my closet for the dress I will wear to my dear Boobie Snoopy's wedding when I decided to count just exactly how many dresses I own. Please, dear Reader, notice that I say dresses, and only dresses, because I honestly don't know what all my other stuff amounts to. So yes. How many dresses do I have?


Yes, you read right. 78. Seventy-eight. Setenta y ocho.

Dear God.

I think Damian is going to pass out when he reads that sum. That, and totally not allow me to buy anymore dresses.

I honestly didn't expect to have this many dresses. This includes casual dresses, work dresses, going out dresses, and formal dresses. I guess I should be proud?

My other obsession is black shoes. I think I have around 20 pairs of black heels in varying styles. I'm addicted to a good heel.

Oh well. Adventures in my closet will continue...


Osoroco said...

no comment

Tovi said...

Thats why they always recommend:

"Buy one, give one away!"

Viv said...

Wowza! 78! Have u worn them all?

Myko Kitsune said...

78 dresses!, that's more than my whole wardrobe.