Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gap Overdose.

So today the Gramps and I drove up to San Juan to see the New York cousin who was stopping in Puerto Rico for a day whilst on a cruise. Gramps, being old and slightly neurotic, wanted to leave at 5 am. So I had to wake up at the unholy hour of 4 something am in order to be ready to part at 5.

Other than that, the day was fine. I had fun with the New York cousin and her husband, Capitán Boricua (and I'd like to add that he's actually Armenian American. Viva la culture blending.) The only problem was the driving. But I believe that was compesated with all the shopping that I did!

I hit up Plaza Las Americas and Prime Outlets in Barceloneta. And, oddly enough, the only place I actually bought something was Gap. And at Godiva. Yum.

I scored four dresses. Ignore my tired face. My head has been cut off from most of the pictures to lessen blog reader trauma.

I also scored espadrilles. Bought the same pair in black and white. Hey, they were only 9.99!

Aviators were also found. Squee!

Clothes for the boy were acquired.
And my cousin bought me this cute little bee key fob at Coach. Which is ironic since I'm allergic to all bug bites. Which means I'm allergic to bees.

Pardon my goofiness in the pictures, but I'd just gotten back from a long day's trip and I was hyper off yummy Mexican food.

And yes. This brings my dress count to 82. I have no shame.


Viv said...

Ah! More dresses!!
I actually tried on the 2nd dress (khaki slouchy dress) when I was back in Tally. It didn't look good on me :( I also tried on a blue dress with white circles. Did u see it? It looks gorgeous on the hanger but not so gorgeous on me. Apparently, I'm not made for dresses :(

Zeynep said...

Wow, so many clothes! I'm jealous. I need to start building up my wardrobe. Dress count = 4. Sad face! I especially like the white dress you have, and the black espadrillas.

Ilusion Optica said...

te queda bello ese traje blanco!! lo quiero pa' mi!!!