Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So I finally finished transcribing the main text of the chapter I was assigned to make a digital copy of. Now all that's missing are 74 footnotes. Woo! Fear my excitement, oh yes, fear it.

Since I'm sick and tired of transcribing and I needed a break otherwise my eyes would rot and ooze out from my sockets, I decided to start reading Journey in the Dark, the Pulitzer Prize winning novel from Martin Flavin! (/sarcasm) It's one of the class texts and I have an essay due tomorrow and I'm ahead at work so. I figured. I should start reading it and save some of the footnote transcribing for later since there's nothing else to do for the week. Except ship out a CD but that's all. No biggie.

Vivi, just wanted to tell you that the dress I wanted, it's not on the website anymore, and that means it should be in the stores soon. :/


Viv said...

Ok. I'll keep a lookout. I think I'll swing by this Friday :) I'll let u know.
Take care!

Myko Kitsune said...

Nice to see that you are o.k.