Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I might be depressed, but I still like shoes.

We, and by we I mean what's left of my normal self and the self that has succumbed to The Crazy, interrupt our regularly scheduled depression to bring you forth these. I've been looking for stacked mary janes for a while, but I want them in patent. Is there anywhere I could find them in patent? Otherwise, I'd just have to order these...

Which I shouldn't because, yeah. I have enough. But I really want patent mary janes. Like these Christian Louboutins. However, I do not have 710 dollars to pay for them. Well, I have the money, I'm just not in the position to chuck 710 dollars for shoes right now. Oh well.

Back to your regularly scheduled emoness.

1 comment:

Tovi said...

Yo no soy muy fashionista pero estos jodios zapatos me encantan:

Si no fueran tan caros!