Thursday, January 14, 2010

Zara: The Rage Continues.

If you've known me for at least a little while, you know that I have problems with this store. Stemming from the absolutely craptacular service issued by the attendants at many locations (I'd like to say that the sales representatives in Spain were actually quite nice) to the very poor quality of many garments, I always tell myself that X time will be the last time I go into a Zara store.

Well, I usually end up breaking that promise because I see something pretty from faraway that lures me in, only to have the beauty's dream broken by poor seaming or horrible fabric. Last night, I went to Plaza because I was told that a certain store I needed was located in this mall. It was not. Since it was raining cats and dogs (and snakes and goats and cars and etcetera), I decided to stay for a while to see if the rain let up a bit. It didn't, but I ended up going into Zara. Because, like I said, I saw something pretty from afar.

Once again, the cycle came full circle. I tried it on and it was coarse and poorly sown. Disappointed, I scanned other racks and actually came out with two things. For less than thirty dollars! But that victory isn't what this post is about. No. It is about Zara's ultimate injustice.

Size discrimination.

While browsing their denim, I saw a pair of the most perfect skinny black pants. I knew I was tempting fate, but I got them in my regular size, a size 8, all the while knowing that this brand's sizing ran super small (and very amok: of the articles I have, some are size small and others large). Take that and a couple of extra pounds and the pants were too small for my waist. I asked for the next two sizes up only to be told the following:

"We don't have them in 10 and this line doesn't run up to 12."

Come again?

"The denim line only goes up size 10."

Excuse me? Did you just tell me that if I am more than a certain size, I am not entitled to your denim? Zara, shame on you. Shame on you for your generally bad service, usually poorly sown and low-quality fabric clothes, and, most of all, shame on you for discriminating against the ladies. Fabulosity comes in all sizes and you should recognize that. If only I had the power to cause some sort of change upon this...I guess I'll just have to content myself with venting my rage on the internet.

Zara, shame on you!

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Matti Aurelia (A. Rodríguez) said...

I liked your blog and the pictures :) they show your personality!! I would love to read more rants/reviews of stores like this one... Thanks for sharing!