Friday, January 01, 2010

In which I illustrate how to start the New Year properly.

I woke up today with a raging neck muscle spasm (on my right side) and so I had to proceed with treatment: pain relieving cream. My mother rubbed it in and gave me a massage so I thought that my problems were resolved for now, with the exception of not being able to turn my neck. Apparently, at some point I rubbed my cream-covered neck. And you know where this is going.

Some time later, just after a New Year's Pancake Breakfast peppered with discussion on how bad crime is, I rubbed my left eye. And that's when the fun begins. My eye started burning with the fire of a thousand suns and I could not make it to the bathroom soon enough. To top it off, I was hobbling because my flip-flop kept slipping and I had no depth-perception so I had to pause in my hap-hazard run-hobble to the bathroom. I finally made it and then proceeded to undo any effect the cream had done by bending over and dunking my head in the sink.

If that wasn't enough, I think my nightgown got stuck to my underwear when I got up from the chair. Oh, the indignity.

So Happy New Year everybody! May 2010 bring nothing but good things (even when they are bad, something good will come of it!) to you all. Make sure to stay tuned to Shiny! for upcoming adventures, merchandise, fashion, and photography. I hope you didn't bring in the new year in as much style as I just did this morning. Cheers!


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