Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lesson Plans.

I'm sitting here trying to conjure up my lesson plans for my class. I have a very brief mental outline of how I want the class to proceed, but fleshing it out is proving to be difficult. I have to read the books so I can figure out what to teach and what not to teach.

Part of being a teaching assistant means having to attend certain workshops and seminars. I didn't go to today's seminar because I had appointments with both the psychiatrist and the psychologist. The good news is that I'll be going off of one of the pills soon. I want to be off medication as soon as possible. The bad news is that I still get my ups and downs. And I feel so indifferent towards everything now.

I haven't been very keen to blogging lately. I feel like I have nothing to say. That could also be motivated by my feeling in a linguistic limbo: not really clear between thinking in Spanish or English. I'd better get back to English fast since I'm going to be teaching in it.


Myko Kitsune said...

Hey, you are intelligent, resourceful, fair and cute. Students will just love you. So appy that you are getting better, maybe soon i can actually send my cat ninja army against your squirrels once again(kidding!!!)Very happy for you, you'll do just fine.

nyd said...

The thing you have to get in your mind is that even though you make a lesson plan, the day may take a different toll and you will have to forget the lesson plan and go to plan B. Not all students learn the same way and not everyday things go as planed

nyd said...

i know you'll do fine just don't let things get to you and try new and different things. I may be able to help with some pointers if you'd like.