Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fashion Blogs.

Since I really haven't been in the mood to post about anything, I've decided to compile a list of fashion blogs for those readers of mine that are into fashion.

The Sartorialist
Style Bubble
My So-Called Expat Life

Those are my four main reads. Here are two that are recommended reads.

I am fashion


Viv said...

Thanks Stella! I really like nitrolicious. Its always really up to date. I'm not sure I like her outfits sometimes but she does ahve good sources to keep us up to date. ANd that's really what I like. Have you heard of the sugar network? is also one of my daily reads.
Thanks again!

ほし said...

I think that Retrogurl's (Nitrolicious) outfits can be kind of relaxed most of the time, but she definitely is up to snuff on the fashion news.

You're welcome for the links!

Anonymous said...

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