Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So yeah, I caved in and joined the hordes of humanity that extensively used Facebook. I had an account, just so I could see a friend's pictures, but my boyfriend got it too and eventually, the egging on began. So yeah. I am now in my old school's network, with my old classmates, something I never thought I'd do.

However, I made a mistake. I put up the link to this blog on my profile. Why is this a mistake? Well, quite honestly, I'm not interested in having more people know about my situation, much less people I went to school with and used to make fun of me extensively. So I corrected that mistake and erased the link to this page. I doubt (and I hope) that anyone actually followed the link to this page, and if they did, uhm. Please stop visiting? Heh...

Last night was not a good night, I won't go into details. Suffice it to say that I feel numb and I don't really care about anything right now. Which kind of sucks because today is the Gwen Stefani concert, and I'm going with friends: the Boobies. I'm afraid I will suck the fun out of today with my attitude. I can't really talk about what happened without ruining anyone's day so...le screwed.

I hope the concert is good. After all, we paid good money for those seats. I hope we don't get lost trying to get to El Choliseo, but, that's probably going to happen. Adventures in Puerto Rico, yay? I will try to sneak in my camera. If not, oh well. I say oh well a lot, don't I?

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