Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Music, shoes, and clothes, oh my!

Today I woke up and decided to get off my ass and exercise. Reasons causing this event are my psychiatrist and boyfriend saying: you know, you should exercise. And being insistent about it. That and the fact that I've been eating a lot of sugary junk lately, I might try to take advantage of all that lost weight and build some muscle.

Other than that, it's a known fact that exercise helps with depression so we'll see how it goes.

I'm updating my iPod now, iPod that has an identity crisis due to all the things that are put in it. I'm getting my indie fix with Long Blondes, The Rapture, and The Klaxons, a band I discovered on a fashion blog, no less! But that I've steadily come to adore. My mainstream music fix is being delivered with the adding of The Best of Bond, a staple of (for me) childhood songs since I grew up watching every Bond film ever made. Now, the one thing I want to find is the America -The Greatest Hits- CD but I can't find that anywhere...yes, I grew up hearing America, it's soft rock, do you have a problem with that?

It seems my OCD is a little more in check now that I'm aware of it. Some of the compulsions are kinda hard to get rid of (like my germphobia), but others seem to be more or less in my control now.

In other news, the .99 Ferragamos arrived on Monday! :D I put them on for school on Tuesday and D made fun saying that I wore them to school because they were only .99 cents. Poo. Of course not! They are very comfy. I'll take some pictures of them and put them up soon.

And it seems like I'm finally going to get my hands on some Marc Jacobs! If all goes well, I will score these puppies at one third of the original price. Score! I have a thing for Marc Jacobs and for red shoes, so I guess my quest in life is complete? My Dorothy complex will finally be satiated!

I never thought I'd buy shoes with hearts but, oh well! They are cute and they are Marc Jacobs. :)

Speaking of fashion, Stateside people, LOOK OUT! Proenza Schouler's line for Go International at Target is coming out in 4 DAYS! On February 4th, their highly anticipated line goes up for grabs. Oy, don't I sound like an ad? No matter. I wish I was in the States so I could get my hands on the purple dress...Vivi, I will harass you for that dress!!! And perhaps for some other things, when I get to lay my greedy eyes on the rest of the line. :) Don't worry, I'll send you the money. No soy mala paga! :P

I think it's funny that I talk about fashion and such so-called frivolous things (they're not frivolous to me) and not talk about other more serious things that are going on in my life. My second godmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and while they caught it early and they were able to remove just the lump, she still needs chemotherapy. It was pretty horrifying to see her, her hands seemed so skinny. But she's really stubborn and a fighter, and we all think she'll make it through. Still, seeing her like that reminded me of what I went through with my grandmother, who died while being treated for breast cancer. I am terrified of cancer, since it took away grandma's life (and gave quite a scare to my mother when I was a child). I also developed a phobia of cutting my hair, since I still remember my grandmother being bald during her last months. To this day, when I get a haircut, I get the fear that it will never grow out. I am terrified of being bald.

It definitely sucks that this is happening while I'm going through my depression. It's obvious that I fear I will relive that part of my childhood (I was only nine when my grandmother passed) and it's pretty obvious that I'm blocking most of this out. I've done my best to desensitize myself, but who knows. I just hope she gets better.

The other bit of dark news is that one of my cousins is going to Iraq. I'm not too thrilled about this, but this is what he wanted, to make a career out of the army, so we'll see. I just hope he doesn't get hurt over there.

Maybe this is why I throw myself into the folds of fashion. Not only do I like it, but it's an escape from the reality of this world and I can merely focus on the beauty of an artifact that can be so ephemeral.


Anonymous said...

why focus on the beauty of some objects when the world around you is beautiful
even in puerto rico!

Viv said...

How inspiring my brother is! Listen to his words dahling.

P.S. What purple dress? Where can you see these things before they even come out! I thought Proenza arrived to Target the 5th.

Could you post some links to fashion blogs?
And post that pic of the Ferragamos girl! I wanna see!

Viv said...

Ah ok. Ya lo vi. The collection is not that great, you know? I'll stop by this Sunday, along with millions of other fashion addicts I imagine, to check it out. I saw things that I liked but not things that I adored. Nothing like their runway looks. Nothing. The only thing reminiscent of the runway is the blue bustier dress, which is pretty. And another thing: I'm sick of mustard yellow already. Is that the color of the season? Everyone is wearing it here.

ほし said...

Mustard yellow is never in, never! It takes a very particular person to pull it off...

Anyway, they definitely changed some of the looks I'd seen. The bustier dress didn't really look like that when I first saw it, oh well...I guess I'll wait to see what else is up...I do like the chain print shirt though. However, do you know if they still have the Behnaz Sarafpour kelly green shirts with lace at the store? I'd like one in medium... '.' (This one -->

I'll post some pics of the Ferragamos and the links to the blogs in an upcoming post. I still haven't taken pictures of the shoes yet.

Viv said...

I saw that shirt (the green one) a long time ago. I don;t think its there anymore b/c Behnaz already left Target. You shoulda told me earlier. I could swear I saw it on sale.