Sunday, December 24, 2006

Kidnapped by Kmart

I am now the owner of the cutest penguin pajamas ever. Score!

This morning, my father waltzed into my room and asked me if I wanted to go fleamarketing with them. Not relishing the idea of spending the morning alone, I agreed, ignorant of the day that awaited me. The fleamarket turned into Kmart turned into Sam's Club turned into pizza in Aguada turned into stopping at Home Depot turned into searching for a bakery that was open turned into finally going home. Kmart sucked our souls and we went bonkers with the Christmas specials. My dad bought slightly psychedelic LED lights for the pine in front of the house. Curse you, Martha, for making such adorable Christmas accessories. Kmart is also the place where I scored the penguin pajamas (that I am wearing right now!).

When we got home, I got busy putting up the tree. I did so in less than fifteen minutes, lights included. No wonder my back hurts, since this is a nine-foot tree that we are talking about. x.x Oigh. Now the tree is up and it looks all pretty and even the Mac has Christmas spirit, since I put a photograph of lights in the background that I took. :P

Dinner was a quiet affair with my small family unit. I'm glad my grampa was able to make it: he couldn't on Thanksgiving because of his arm.

As you can see, I'm feeling quite better (and I hope I didn't jinx myself by saying that). Of course, there are still ups and downs (I had two slight panics today: one was a the fleamarket, probably caused by the combination of me being in a mood and the huge crowds). The Celexa has worked okay so far, with no side effects! It seems promising.

Well, I hope everyone has a peaceful Nochebuena with those you love. I spent it with my family, but my boyfriend was missing due to previous arrangements. :( Oh well. Good night everyone!

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