Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Rules or Happiness?

This corgi is happy. Are you this happy? (Image via Corgis Everywhere!)

It started out innocently enough. The other day, Sally at Already Prettymade a post on styling tricky accessories. I was wearing my red pants that day, and, in PR, it's not common to see girls in bright pants. Or, at least, I don't tend to see them.

In my comment, I included my red pants, adding that while some people may argue against them because they draw attention to the size of my hips and butt, they make me quite happy. So what should I do? Follow the rules or follow my happiness?

This all got me to thinking about all the things many of us postpone or simply ignore because they just "don't follow the rules". I have too many friends who haven't studied what they like, wear what they want, or say what they think because it is out of the norm. I even dated a guy who was studying medicine because "that's just what the firstborns do" in his family. He desperately wanted to study literature or history.

If we start imposing limits on ourselves in something as basic as clothes (because, let's face it, we need protection from rain, sun, and temperature, so clothes are a basic need; why not have a little fun with them?), what else will we limit ourselves upon? I'm not telling you to go start a revolution, but I am telling you to find a way to express yourself and find ways to state your truth and be happy. As long as you respect yourself and others while you're at it, you should be fine.

Just think about it. How many things do you hold back on? You might start off with that shirt because maybe it's too bright and you'd be too shy to wear it out. Then maybe you realize you might not want to do something you really like because, wow. Not a lot of people do it so it must be embarrassing. What next? I know it may sound a bit...hyperbolic. But think about it. How much are we limiting ourselves because of supposed rules and worries over what people may think?

At the risk of sounding corny, as far as we know, we only live once. We don't know what happens after that. So why not make it a good one, full of happiness and little to no regrets. Say yes to happiness! Wear your favorite color, even if others think it's loud. Travel alone, even if people say "it looks bad" for a woman to travel by herself. Shave your head, go backpacking across Europe, volunteer to teach in Peru if that's what you like. Just follow your heart and be safe.

Genghis demands your happiness. Otherwise, he will hit you with this stick.

How do you say yes to happiness?

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