Thursday, July 21, 2011

EBEW: Thrift

Yay! Thrift! Let's do this!

I've got a whole lot of outfit going on retrospect, I would've done it a little differently. But I still like the principle. Dresses and blazers are two of my favorite things, but they don't necessarily always work well together. And that belt is throwing the outfit off. Had it been another dress...or maybe another belt...

Oh well. The point of dressing up is experimenting. There will be successful outfits and there will be some not-as-successful ones. Like I've said before, the point is always to try!

Everything in this outfit is thrifted. Blazer, dress, belt, and shoes, all thrifted. Total cost of my outfit? A whopping five dollars. Yup, you read right. $5.00! I've already worn the blazer to death, and the dress is usually worn blazerless, but with a belt, when I'm on the west side of the island. And the shoes have seen their fair share of action too...found them at the fleamarket for $2.00! And they're Nine West, score!

I'd like to thank Jentine and Everybody Everywhere for making this happen. I think that, not only do we get to see each others thrifty styles, we also promote thrifting. And thrifting is good for the Earth, the wallet, and the soul.

Keep thrifting!

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Della said...

Totally agree with the experimenting thing. I wore an outfit the other day purely as an experiment and wasn't impressed...that's when I tell myself I have a million other combination and more days to try them out on!

Katy Rose said...

You spent a total of $5 on your whole outfit?? Seriously, now I know I need to get better at this whole thrifting thing. And don't you love how blogging let's you see the outfit and then make decisions for the things you'd change next time around? It's one of my favorite parts. - Katy

Meagan said...

I really don't think the belt throws it off. It looks great! You should think about linking this up over on my blog, where I host a thrifting photo link up every week!

Stella said...

Hey girls! Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for stopping by!

Meagan, I'll be sure to link up to your blog sometime. I see you've got some nice thrifting finds there!

Katy, yup. Blogging definitely helps fine tune one's style!

Maggie said...

Love the color of those shoes- so chic!

Maggie said...

Love those green shoes- so cute!