Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stella B. Demented

Hi there! Remember me? I run this here blog. Unfortunately, life's gotten (ridiculously) in the way lately and I've barely had time to even breathe. Just to give you a sampling of what I've been up to, here's a list:

1. Prep for thesis defense.
2. Smash knee with steering wheel lock.
3. Limp for almost three weeks.
4. Deal with mad dog.
5. Come down for thesis defense.
6. Defend! Successfully!
7. Fix formatting and typographic errors.
8. Drive back to apartment. Work. Drive back for signatures.
9. Chase everybody for their signatures.
10. Battle Table of Contents formatting.
11. Work drama!

Now that I look at it, it's not as terrible, but it's all been very time-consuming. And the knee, ugh, let's not even talk about it. I haven't worn heels in weeks, I've had to rest and be disgustingly inactive (because inactivity is good when you're willing, not when you're forced). My physical condition is a disaster! Let's not even talk about the pain I'm in, though it's gotten better, much better.

All in all, this is just a quick post to say that I'll return soon with more posts and hopefully changes around these here parts! I want to update the shop too and work on my outfit pictures because I'm seriously lacking in the self-portrait skill area. Stay tuned and I'll see you soon!

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Zeynep said...

Grats again on the thesis! I'm sorry to hear about your knee, though. :( I hope it gets better soon!