Friday, December 18, 2009

(Old) New Shoes.

I bought these babies several months ago, but with the hubbub of school and work and then more work and then the jewelry-making (website to be unveiled soon, hopefully!) they got lost on the priority list. I'd been fantasizing about them a bit and when they went on super-sale at Urban Outfitters, I jumped. The one thing I was worried about were the reviews that said they were difficult to walk in because of their height.

They're 5-inch heels with a 1-inch platform.

I'm not afraid of a little height. In fact, I quite love being tall. I figured, if they hurt, I'll just return them. (I've done this before with some Colin Stuart shoes. The angle of the shoe was hell for my ankles and knees. And since I already have damaged knees and don't need any more risk factors, I returned them. But, these puppies? Hah! Walking in them is a dream. Don't know what those reviewers were talking about. I love their bad-ass bondage vibe.

Sweet Life by Dolce Vita heels from Urban Outfitters.

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