Friday, September 11, 2009


So I'm almost done packing: only missing my camera, a printed copy of my essay, and some tights. Oh, and some assorted jewelry. But, other than that, I am pretty much done with packing. I did it today because I know that tomorrow I will not have enough time, I have to go to work. And I leave on Saturday, so I'm not going to do everything last minute.

That said, it would've been nice to have some time off and do things a bit more calmly. Oh well. I have to wake up early today to go to work. The waking up early part blows chunks like whoa, but, I HAVE A JOB. That cancels it out.

I was pondering the possibility of making a sign for the plane that says "Wake only for food and emergencies." But, that's not really viable is it? I mean...I'm already going to walk around with a (kid's) dragon costume in my carry-on, don't need to give them additional evidence that I'm a few beans short of a burrito.

The worst part is that I can feel myself getting sick. I've been chugging pills and water like a fiend, but no dice. I will definitely be getting a spot of the flu for the beginning of the trip. Which is disappointing, but I'd rather get sick now and have it just be a cold/flu. I really don't need a repeat of that marvelous digestive pyrotechnia that I experienced in New Orleans. I mean, wow. Talk about making a memory.

Well, bed time. Let's see if I can squeeze another DIY post before I leave. Good night!

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