Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The good things: one of two Hs.

So in my previous self-lamenting post I had mentioned that there were some good things that kept me barely hanging on and this is one of them:

One of the conferences I presented at was the ACLA annual meeting held at Harvard University. The funny thing was, when I applied, I didn't know it was at Harvard so when I got accepted it was a bit of a shock, really. And my family and friends dropped their contents, which was hilarious. But it was all thanks to my friend Gerard who suggested the topic! If he hadn't suggested the topic, I wouldn't have had a paper to submit.

Other than that, presenting at Harvard was a pretty amazing experience. Boston was, for me, unexpectedly small...I could walk everywhere without really needing the to use the subway. And, dear clam gods, why did nobody ever tell me about clam chowder before? Delicious! I went to Salem, which was a bit of a let down (or maybe it was just getting utterly lost in the rain and fog). The only thing that bothered me was that a lot of things were closed because of the season. Which was a bummer because there were a lot of things I was interested in doing that were unavailable.

And the other thing: the weather. Nobody told me that it was going to be like this 95.9% of the time:

But still, it was good. I'm developing a tolerance to colder weather. And I had one of the best egg tarts I've eaten ever!

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