Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pride, Predujice, Zombies?

Don't really care what most critics think, I definitely have to read this book...and I need to own it, if just for the cover. Are there posters?

(Morbid, I know.)

I'm finally back and done with conferences for now. Now my primary concern is finishing this semester and school altogether. Without losing my mind of course. I am currently concentrating on just getting through these next three weeks and finding a job. The job is the most urgent need, honestly. I'll finish school this year (hopefully), but I won't walk until next year so...priority number one: job.

I seriously contemplated a design degree, but staying here is not attractive to me at all. The degree would be a back-up to the back-up of the main plan. Let's see how that goes.

I'll post on New Orleans later. I still have to upload my pictures! Until then, good night!

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