Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sick (Alcove kiva).

Alcove Kiva.
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Just wanted to entertain you whilst I nurse a damn cold. Funny, I got sick upon my return from the cold desert, not while there...


This picture was taken at Bandelier National Monument while I was in New Mexico this past week. I went there for academic reasons (conference), but hey! One can always sneak in a little fun too, no?

By the way, I had to climb up the side of a mountain to get this picture. To be exact, four sets of wooden ladders and walking around a cliff face for a total of 140 feet. I am terrified of heights, so panic attacks where involved.

Enjoy while I attempt to sleep. Will post more soon. Hopefully. I am so swollen I could barely get my rings on and off, so fashion and life are all about comfort at this point.

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K said...

nice Pic Stellita !