Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why, thank you.

A couple of minutes ago, the following exchange occurred:

*Aunt pulls up to pick up something*

Me: Hi aunt.
Aunt: Hi sweetie, how are you. *looks up and down* You've put on some weight.
Me: . . . .

If I were rude, or a bitch, I would've (should've?) done the following:

a) reply: Yep. Mom didn't tell you? I'm pregnant.
b) reply: At least I can work it off. Your truckload of internal ugly will never be purged.
c) beat her senseless for being a manipulative greedy bitch

I'd like to point out that this aunt is not the one that was my boss. Thank you.


Scizor said...

Oy! I've totally had it with being nice when people say that. I'd play with her head (pregnant bit) and then be just plain nasty (fugly bit). Hey, she started it! :P

And for the record, you look great. Tell her she can shove it hard and sitting on a hot nail. Then poke her eyes with hot french fries. Twice. :D

ほし said...

Aw, thanks Carlitos. :) I don't know, there seems to be a wave of rude encompassing the island lately. Seriously. I've really thought about doing the whole, "oh yes, I'm pregnant" bit, but I don't do it for all the suffering my poor mom would endure while explaining to everybody that I was just snidely replying to their uncalled for comments. 8D