Saturday, February 23, 2008

Geek chic fabulous.

So we continue with our tales of visits to the medics. But first, a picture. Of fabulous glasses.

These are quite possibly my new frames. I've decided to get new ones so I can have two pairs, in case I'm in a hurry and it's the case of just finding one of two pairs, not one of one. Also, a backup in case anything happens. Such as, I don't know, them falling out of my bag? Being crushed by a car? Patch deciding that they make a fantastic new toy?

You'll have to excuse the face. And the hair. I'd been up since 7:00 AM, just had been informed of future dental surgery, and was debating the cost of new frames plus giving new lenses to my old ones. Though, on the other part, I really don't care :P The only thing that concerns me is that I look kind of...not in shape. But we will not discuss that because I accept that it's laziness in my part.

I really like these frames, maybe because they're just unadulteratedly screaming geekery. I like thick frames. My mother likes to have transparent frames, I don't know why. To each his own then.

What I'm loving most of the frames is the price. They're a relatively cheap 88 dollars. But even this price is a little steep. I paid around the same amount for my other glasses, including the lenses, and those are Cynthia Rowleys! Granted, they were on super sale, but still.

Now, what may follow can be considered as a sort of a rant. It's not directed against anyone, it's just me expressing my point of view. If you feel particularly alluded to, then that's just your thing. I don't have anything against you. Unless you have all my lost/missing/possibly stolen? random items of jewelry, then it is. I will haunt you.

The thing is, I can't justify spending such an amount on glasses. Granted, I need them to read, to use my computer (heck, I need them right now), but they are something that's so fragile. A bag I may justify because it will sustain a higher level of abuse, but, glasses? My glasses have fallen out of cars, flown across rooms, been sat on, stepped on, slammed with a book, kicked, and God knows what else that I can't recall. I need something that I won't go "Oh shit" if anything happens.

Still, when it's all said and done, I think I will get these. I think they look sweet. Of course, I'd be lying that I won't cringe when the bill comes out.

Next post? Extolling the riches of eBay, my friends. Because while on the one hand, eBay can be like an evil bitch mother that abandons its young, it can also be the source of happy moments, in which you mentally frolic through fields with sheep. And ponies. Sweet.

Or I could just talk about something else. 8D

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Viv said...

I think you should get those frames. They look good on you. I understand your feelings about paying so much for glasses. I understand, its much better and much more appealing to spend that $ on a great purse or pair of shoes. But think about this: you'll be wearing the glasses everyday and using them every day. Its money well spent. And think about your eyes. They'll appreciate it. Plus, cute frames for those who wear glasses are always a good thing ;)POst pics of your new look, k?